Located in the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, Estancia La Criolla is a deluxe wingshooting destination for hunters who are looking for quantity and variety of birds. The area is worldwide known for giving the hunters the possibility of combining extraordinary dove shooting with, duck, perdiz and fishing.

Surrounded by dove roosts, crops, pasturelands and only minutes away from waterfowl, the hunters will find one of the most refined and impressive lodges from Argentina.

Our Lodge is operated by owner and count with excellent services:

- Fully licensed hunting lodge by province and federal authorities.

- Privet owned land - Short drives to the field

- Comfortable Modern Vehicles

- 30 Beretta and benelli guns for rent o/u and semiauto 410, 20 and 12 gauge 

- Eight double bedrooms with privet bathroom.

- Wireless Internet service in the lodge and yard

- Tennis Court - Golf Driving Range

- Swimming pool and Jacuzzi

- Landing Strip

Dove Shooting: At estancia la criolla you will find the best dove shooting in the world all year around within a short drive through our 10,000 acres of private land and over the 25,000 acres leased. We are literary surrounded by roosts and crops inhabited by over 30 million doves.

Each day affords six to seven hours of great, steady shooting starting around 7:00 am and always returning to the lodge at noon for an incredible barbeque lunch with the best Argentinian wines and a siesta. Our more than 40 shooting areas located no more than 20 minutes away allow us to give the hunters numerous shooting options every day and all year around with no season or bag limits. 

Fishing: A 45 minute’s drive from the lodge will put you in one of the best fishing spots in Argentina. After a duck hunt, or a couple of days dove hunting our Dorado fishing along with the impressive Parana River is an experience you shouldn’t miss. The Dorado is the most beautiful fish that dwells in the waters of the Paraná River. Baptized as the "tiger of the rivers", its hunting voracity is the perfect base for its well-deserved nickname. Due to the high percentage of muscle in the physiognomy of the fish, there is not a more fighting species in sport fishing. Owner of impressive teeth, once hooked, the Dorado starts to make big jumps that increase the level of excitement in this kind of fishing. Live bait and fly fishing are the two modalities of fishing our guides recommend.

Perdiz Hunting: No other feeling can be compeared with the excitement of seeing our dogs pointing a perdiz in a beautiful pasture land.