At the moment of packing, consider we have daily laundry included with the room. This will save you from bringing a big suitcase uncomfortable to travel international. When we shoot doves and perdiz, we mostly step over dry fields, so the best footwear are hiking boots or similar shoe. Also, in case you duck hunt or the weather gets rainy, we provide you with waders and rubber boots in regular sizes (10 to 13). It´s always better to travel lighter, so we recommend you not to bring this unlease you have a rare big or small feet size or you fell more comfortable with your own boots. The temperatures in the winter go from 38 to 65 and in the summer from 78 to 95. We recommend to bring cammo or green pants, t-shirts and jackets for that kind of temperatures. Always remember to bring

-Shooting gloves

-shooting vests with shell holders

-shooting glasses and sunglasses

-hearing protection

-shoulder pads and gun pads

-shell holders

-sun screen