High Volume Dove hunting Program

We are literary surrounded by roosts and crops inhabited by over 30 million doves. Come and discover a sky covered with doves on their way to the fields in search for food, offering an incredible sight, worth making to memory.

Each day affords six to seven hours of great, steady shooting starting around 7:00 am and always returning to the lodge at noon for an incredible barbeque lunch with the best Argentinian wines and a siesta. Our more than 40 shooting areas located no more than 20 minutes away allow us to give the hunters numerous shooting options every day and all year around with no season or bag limits.

Arrival & 1st Day: Arrival to Buenos Aires (Ezeiza International Airport). Ground transfer to the domestic airport and flight to the city of Santa Fe (45 min.). Transfer to the lodge (2 hrs), time to rest and preparation of the equipment.

On the second day we start shooting morning and afternoon for high volume doves. Every day we build custom made blinds in the crop fields were they feed in the morning and in the roosts in the afternoon.

Each hunter is provided with everything he needs by his bird-boy including a cooler, insect repellent, gun parts, etc. A supervisor is permanently driving by the blind to make sure the hunter is well taken care of, his gun is working properly and he does not run out of ammunition.

The shooting sessions stops whenever the hunters fell they are ready to go back for an appetizer and lunch. We charge by hunting day and the length of the trip is decided by the customer.

We recommend planning the dove hunting trips for no longer than 4 shooting days, since this type of shooting can be exhausting! In the last day we usually shoot in the morning, have lunch and head to the domestic airport.

Please, request the price in the CONTACT US link and we will be back right away.