As the time goes by, it gets more and more difficult to travel with guns. For this reason, we have at your disposal a gunroom with over 40 guns to rent. We have 3 calibers available 12, 20 and 410. The guns we have are Beretta 391 on 20 gauge semi auto. Beretta Silver Pigeon and Blackwing and Browning citoris on 20 gauge o/u. Benelli Montefeltro and M2 on 12 gauge semi auto. We also have side by side in all calibers including 410. If you are in a hard decision beside bringing your own gun or renting guns from us, we would recommend you to bring your gun only if it´s very different from what we have or if it´s a custom made gun. The reason is not only the inconvenience of carrying it but also the chance to get here and pick a different gun and caliber every day until you feel comfortable.