Built in the 1910’s by the British, the lodge was designed by the famous architect Alejandro Bustillo who was also responsible to design significant Argentinean buildings such as the National Bank, the national museum of fine arts and the international hotel Llao Llao. Respecting the refines and original style, the Estancia was recently modernized to offer an exclusive and tailor made service for demanding bird shooters.

Combining the charm of a traditional estancia with brand new facilities, professionalism, hospitality and personalized attention our fine lodging service and staff will make you feel every detail has been taken care of. This way, the best shooting in the world in the morning and evenings can be accompanied at noon and in the evenings by the best regional cuisine and relaxing activities in our facilities that include tennis court, golf driving range, pigeon ring, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, fishing pond and more.

Our food and menu are personalized at our customer request. Our specialty is the Argentinian barbecue that includes tenderloin, sirloin, rib eye and sucking pigs. But we also prepare all the game and fish as appetizers or main dishes depending the customer´s preferences. We have a wide variety of wines and beverages at customer request as well.