Estancia La Criolla is located on Santa Fe province, in Northeast Argentina, 105 miles (180km) north from Santa Fe city's airport. 2 hrs driving time. How to get here In order to get to our facilities, the hunters fly into Buenos Aires (Ezeiza International Airport), transfer to the domestic airport and take a 1 hr regular airline flight to the city of Santa Fe. Once there, are met by our representatives who drive them to the Lodge (2 hrs).

Also, we have a privet landing strip for those customers that prefer to hire a 2:00 hrs charter flight from Buenos Aires and land directly in our property. Our staff at customer’s request usually arranges those charters. Depending on the size of the group they can be Cessna 310, 402, piper Navajos or King Air 90 and 200.

There are several flights to Buenos Aires from different destinations in the U.S. Some of them are Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Washington, Miami and New York. Usually the departures are around 9:00 pm and the arrivals in Buenos Aires are in the next morning.

Once you contact us, we will help you book the domestic flight to take you to Santa Fe city or directly to our landing strip. The charters are more expensive, but they allow you to save time since you would get on the charter in the morning of the arrival and land in our strip to have lunch and hunt in the afternoon. The commercial flights have a regular schedule (3 flights per day on the weekdays). They depart from a different airport around 1:00pm and put you in Santa Fe city in 50 minutes, but after that flight we have a 2 hrs. drive. The arrival to the lodge will be approximately at 4:30 pm.